We are Next generation connectivity.
We are Zinkworks.

Zinkworks (formerly Neueda Technologies Athlone) is our new Company name going forward. We are always imagining, learning, and creating new technologies that transform the world into a more connected universe.

This new name and brand identity is a critical point that allows us to make definitive and tangible decisions as to what we represent and what direction we go in.

Working primarily in the Telecommunications and Financial sector, along with our internal innovation team, we work with new and exciting technologies. Working with the newest developments in these areas with our clients, we aim to make advances that is instrumental for each sector we work with to prosper. This also allows us to progress into other areas and work with new ground-breaking developments in the Software development world.

Zinkworks aims to project a culture of learning, support, friendship, and diversity to name a few. Our 150 employees are the driving force behind our success. We aspire to make Zinkworks the most desired place for them to work. We do this through providing support and encouragement for people to learn and develop in their careers. Whether this be through further education endeavours or through a clearly defined career path, we like to ensure people get to achieve their goals.

In just 4 years since our opening, we have grown in a positive trajectory. We are excited and eager to see what the next 4 years of Zinkworks will bring.

“Zinkworks immediately demonstrates itself as a flat organisation. There is no hierarchy of employees. Everyone is equal and are treated as such. No yarn is spun when messages are delivered to employees. Everything is direct. Everyone’s voice is listened to. And everyone’s feedback is taken onboard.”
– David McWeeney, Software Engineer