The Innovation Team is the research and development side of Zinkworks, there is a mixture of senior developers who have worked in the Telecommunications world for many years and junior developers who bring their own way of working and knowledge to the team.

Our work can range from developing bespoke apps for the company or researching the latest technology for potential clients.

Most of our work to date has been researching the latest 5G projects and advancements. Like working on the open radio access network known as the Oran project, which is an open-source Ran system developed by some of the biggest companies in the Telecommunications sphere.

ONAP is another open-source framework for the 5G network which the team spent a lot of time researching and testing. We were able to pinpoint some areas in the project that need adjustments to make them ready for real-world use, for example, the deployment was overly complex, and the document was not user-friendly. We started to develop a framework for this project that would make the deployment of Oran a one-click installation.

The team also began researching a solution for data collection of a 5G network, if enough data is collected for a network, we then send that data to be modelled using machine learning and artificial intelligence. These models could be then used to improve the network and enforce Quality of Service (QoS).

Another aspect for the collection of data inside a 5G network would be that it can give the owner of the network a more in-depth view, with the use of metrics and a visual dashboard the user can understand the network and its inner workings.

Some of the technology that the team use would be Springboot and Java, React and Node along with JavaScript, Golang, Docker, and AWS for our cloud deployment.

I would like to thank all the team for their work.

– Aaron Fortune

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