Senior Associate Berchris describes his experience furthering his education through the further education programme here at Zinkworks:

“Before I joined Zinkworks I was always interested in doing a master’s degree in my field but found it hard to get the time and support to do so knowing the costs would also be high. At the time of joining Zinkworks, the company did not have any further education program in place, however, once I decided to pursue the course, I asked the company for support with this. I didn’t know what to expect as there was nothing established in terms of support for people returning to education within the company, I was surprised and happy to find out that Zinkworks were happy to give all the support required, including financial support. I was very excited about this as it showed how the company care for its employees as I was only with Zinkworks for a little more than a year at this time, I found their attitude so amazing!

A few weeks later I started the MSc. In Software Engineer course in the Technological University of the Shannon. Doing this course and working at the same time has been a real challenge for me especially as I need time to spend with my family also. I must say that it would have been harder without the support of Zinkworks. They have been very flexible when I would need some time off for study or exams or when I would need to attend classes. I am very close to the end of the course now; I have finished all the subjects and I am about to deliver the final project. I’m relieved and happy to be completing the course, I am also very grateful to work in a company that is always willing to support their employees in their path to progress their career through learning. Thank you Zinkworks for all your help so far.”

Since Berchris started his further education endeavour Zinkworks has employed an extensive employee-driven education programme as development and learning is at the core of Zinkworks values.

If joining the Zinkworks team and our further education programme is of interest to you, contact us to find out more.

To find out more from Berchris and read some of his work visit his Github and accounts.