Zinkworks are now looking for talented individuals to join our 2022 graduate programme. We are looking for recent software engineering graduates to work with us on mission-critical software projects for some of the world’s largest technology companies. Zinkworks is a trusted partner to international market leaders in Telecommunications and Financial markets, where we provide digital transformation solutions to elevate their business operations.

We are seeking graduates with drive, curiosity and passion, who want to create a smarter future. Through our graduate programme, you will be part of a supportive environment, working alongside our diverse teams of engineers, where we are invested in your growth and development.

We want to give you the best start to your technology career. Are you ready to join us and start your journey with Zinkworks today?



The ideal candidate for the graduate programme will have:

  • Recent graduate of Bachelors/Masters degree in software engineering or a similar discipline
  • Curious fast learner – who is eager to thrive in a professional environment
  • Java experience/ DevOps experience in academia
  • Experience working with application frameworks, such as Spring Boot
  • Knowledge of programming & coding
  • A passion for innovation, discovery and trying new things
  • The ability to build strong working relationships with customers and other members of the software development teams
  • The ability to obtain and analyse information
  • Effective communications skills
  • Understanding of development processes


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Zinkworks provides a buddy system for all graduates. Each joiner will be paired up with one of our experienced engineers to help and guide them.


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Strong emphasis on learning and education.

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An established support system, with approachable management and regular check-ins with line managers, allows you to address any questions, or concerns you may have.

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Offering full-time permanent contract.


Apply now or before 19th of April 2022

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