Zinkworks apprenticeship programme is in association with the Fastrack into Information Technology (FIT)  programme.

Ingrid joined Zinkworks through the FIT apprentice program with Athlone Training Centre in 2021 and is about to begin her final semester. Here she describes her experience at Zinkworks thus far.

“I am making a career transition and balancing studies, work, and family time. I am a participant in the FIT apprenticeship program at Zinkworks as well as a master’s degree student in Mobile Development at PUC-Minas Brazil. Zinkworks has allowed me to put into practice everything I studied in college and the FIT course.

Since starting at Zinkworks I had a basic understanding of C and C++, but I have been learning Java on my own with the help of my colleagues. My knowledge was used within a large and complex system, and I was mentored by members of my team who gave me effective solutions, taught me how to resolve errors, and about dependencies, management, and automation tools. Team members helped me understand the project and how to find solutions to bugs during the project… As a beginner, I found the start difficult, but with everyone around me helping, I felt confident that I could make mistakes and try again.

FIT and Zinkworks encourage their apprentices to acquire industrial IT certificates during their studies. I chose to obtain the Introduction to Programming Using Java certification from Microsoft at the beginner level because I had Java experience within the company. To prepare for the certification, I used video courses at O’Reilly a subscription service that Zinkworks provides.

I’m starting to study for a Javascript Specialist certification at Intermediate Level. I don’t work with Javascript currently, but my studies are more intense. Javascript can be a little challenging for some developers. Javascript is a language that can be used with a variety of frameworks and technologies. It’s challenging but I love it! I’ve done some projects for college as my dream career is Mobile development, I must learn Frontend too. Access to O’Reilly has allowed me to read Javascript books, take some courses, practice the old questions from IT Exams and study with official CIW material.

I am very lucky to be part of Zinkworks, and FIT supports me in my professional growth. I work with many people who are willing to help and show me where I can improve every day. Thank you to everyone who is supporting me and helping me to grow every day.”

Ingrid is one of three apprentices in their final year of study. This year, in 2022, six more apprentices have joined Zinkworks and begun their work experience as part of the FIT apprenticeship program.

To find out more about the apprenticeship programme contact us at info@zinkworks.com.

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