Zinkworks was delighted to welcome the Ambassador of India, Akhilesh Mishra, and his wife Mrs Reeti Mishra, to our headquarters in Athlone, Ireland on the 20th of April 2023. During the visit, a tour was given around the Zinkworks headquarters where they learned about the company values and met the team behind its success. The visit was a testament to the company’s growing reputation and global reach.
Ambassador Mishra stated “I am extremely delighted to be visiting Zinkworks today. Zinkworks is a great, inspiring, success story of India and Ireland’s partnership. It has been great to meet with so many highly skilled Indian professionals here at Zinkworks. You can really feel a warm, inviting, family feeling from the office atmosphere allowing everyone to integrate. I look forward to coming back again and working together in the future. I wish my Irish friend’s great success on their business connection with India.”
Zinkworks is proud to have been recognized by the India Ambassador and is excited to continue expanding its reach and impact on a global scale. Zinkworks continues to build strong relationships around the world, and they look forward to continuing to work closely with India to drive innovation and create a more prosperous future for all. 
Aileen Cramer, COO (Chief Operations Officer) “It was a privilege to welcome the Indian ambassador to our Zinkworks office today and introduce him to our team. The visit was a significant milestone for Zinkworks, as it is a demonstration to the company’s growing importance in the global market.” 
About Zinkworks
Zinkworks is a global leader in innovation, with offices in three locations worldwide, headquartered in Athlone, Ireland. Zinkworks utilises the latest cutting-edge technologies to provide services to clients primarily in the Telecommunications and Financial sectors. This expertise has led to Zinkworks developing their own in-house R&D unit and are actively developing a range of products, particularly focused on solutions in the 5G Private Network telecoms space.