Our Leadership Team 

Paul Madden - CEO
I’d like to think what makes Zinkworks a great place to work is the culture we have, where we really try to have an employee led company. That we run the company the way our employees want.
Aileen Cramer - COO
What makes Zinkworks great is The people and the relaxed friendly fun environment. It is a place where you can grow and learn. Over my last 4 years I have learned so much and continue to learn every day.
Eamon McCann - Director of Financial Services
The Culture makes Zinkworks great. As a relatively new and growing company, there is a real sense of adventure. It’s also a very friendly and welcoming environment with everyone genuinely wanting both you and the company to develop and be successful.
Pierce Treacy - Delivery Director
There are many things but certainly, the people and culture stand out about Zinkworks. Even though the company is relatively young, it’s already developed a sense of community where the employees are friendly and eager to help each other.
Lorraine Duncan - Delivery Director
The standout factor that makes Zinkworks an amazing place to work is definitely the people who work here and the culture they have created. Another thing I love about Zinkworks is the emphasis the company puts on training and career development, they offer an endless amount of support and encouragement to help you achieve professional goals.