25 May: 5 ways to improve your workspace based on science

Regardless of where we work—at home, in an office. We can all do a few simple things to our work environment to optimize our productivity. Below is a shortlist of the most effective things—none of which require purchasing any products or equipment. Anyone can use these tools to:


22 Apr: GitHub & Microsoft Teams Integration

Seeking improvement opportunities to enhance productivity and collaboration is a crucial factor when working with technology. The GitHub integration for Microsoft Teams allows developers to improve their communication by automatically posting messages about issues, pull requests, deployment status, and more. Once GitHub and Microsoft Teams platforms are linked, this allows various options, such as adding comments, closing, and reopening issues or even making pull requests, without leaving your chatbox.

08 Apr: Zinkworks Graduate Programme 2022

We are seeking graduates with drive, curiosity and passion, who want to create a smarter future. Through our graduate programme, you will be part of a supportive environment, working alongside our diverse teams of engineers, where we are invested in your growth and development.

23 Mar: Work with us: Scrum Master

We are looking for an enthusiastic driven individual to join our team here at Zinkworks.

As a Scrum Master, you will be working with teams in the Telecoms or the financial sector who are working on innovative and exciting technology.