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RxJava Reactive Streams

Before we talk about what RxJava is and fully understand it we must first comprehend some concepts and principles that are behind the creation of the API. In reality, RxJava is just part of a broader project called ActiveX which applies the concepts that will be explained here not only for Java but also to other platforms such as Python, Go, Groovy, C#, and many others. It is worth mentioning that ActiveX is not the only one to implement these ideas. Spring Boot Framework also has its own implementation and is called Spring WebFlux (result of the Spring Project Reactor).

Zinkworks Apprenticeship Programme – Ingrid’s Experience

Zinkworks apprenticeship programme is in association with the Fastrack into Information Technology (FIT) programme.

Ingrid joined Zinkworks through the FIT apprentice program with Athlone Training Centre in 2021 and is about to begin her final semester. Here she describes her experience at Zinkworks thus far.

5 ways to improve your workspace based on science

Regardless of where we work—at home, in an office. We can all do a few simple things to our work environment to optimize our productivity. Below is a shortlist of the most effective things—none of which require purchasing any products or equipment. Anyone can use these tools to:

GitHub & Microsoft Teams Integration

Seeking improvement opportunities to enhance productivity and collaboration is a crucial factor when working with technology. The GitHub integration for Microsoft Teams allows developers to improve their communication by automatically posting messages about issues, pull requests, deployment status, and more. Once GitHub and Microsoft Teams platforms are linked, this allows various options, such as adding comments, closing, and reopening issues or even making pull requests, without leaving your chatbox.