25 May: 5 ways to improve your workspace based on science

Regardless of where we work—at home, in an office. We can all do a few simple things to our work environment to optimize our productivity. Below is a shortlist of the most effective things—none of which require purchasing any products or equipment. Anyone can use these tools to:


22 Apr: GitHub & Microsoft Teams Integration

Seeking improvement opportunities to enhance productivity and collaboration is a crucial factor when working with technology. The GitHub integration for Microsoft Teams allows developers to improve their communication by automatically posting messages about issues, pull requests, deployment status, and more. Once GitHub and Microsoft Teams platforms are linked, this allows various options, such as adding comments, closing, and reopening issues or even making pull requests, without leaving your chatbox.


21 Mar: Retrospectives: The Fuel to Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement is often an abstract and vague term to describe better ways of working. Within the context of business and technology, Continuous Improvement seeks to enhance every aspect of value in a team’s processes and products. By reducing waste, reducing burden, and increasing consistency, teams boost the value they produce towards their stakeholders. It is impossible to remove all waste, burden and inconsistency completely from the team’s work, but teams should work to minimize each one incrementally. This incremental change is what we refer to as Continuous Improvement. Let’s look at Continuous Improvement and how we can utilize its main driver – the “Retrospective”.

image of Declan

01 Feb: Changing Careers – Declan’s Experience

Here is what Scrum Master Declan McDaid has to say about his experience changing his career path to join the tech world after 14 years –

“I started my career as a Concrete finisher after I completed my Leaving Certificate and having worked 14 years in the building industry Ireland suffered a recession and as a result, I was made redundant.  Soon after I started working in a bookmaker’s shop. While working in the bookmakers I somehow became the IT guy for the company (turn it off and turn it on again). I really liked the troubleshooting and with some persuading from my wife, I decided to pursue a career in IT.

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03 Dec: Zinkworks Innovation Team

The Innovation Team is the research and development side of Zinkworks, there is a mixture of senior developers who have worked in the Telecommunications world for many years and junior developers who bring their own way of working and knowledge to the team.

Our work can range from developing bespoke apps for the company or researching the latest technology for potential clients.


08 Nov: Becoming Zinkworks

We are an industrious group of relentlessly curious imagineers, on a mission to create new technologies that will help transform the world into a more connected universe.