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Zinkworks utilises the latest cutting-edge technologies to deliver turnkey development services. We are committed to our client’s success and work closely with them to develop custom innovations for their unique projects goals.

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Experts in OSS, BSS, and Orchestration of virtualized RAN and Core.

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Specialised in cloud technologies, microservices, and containerisation.

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Technology Expertise

Reach your project goals with our technology expertise

Let us help you bring your ideas to life by developing high-quality software solutions that are ready for your users. Our engineering leaders will guide the development process so you concentrate on business goals.

Java Development

Leverage our hands-on tech experience to build robust, secure, and versatile applications with the highest quality standards, quickly and efficiently.

DevOps Development

Utilise our extensive knowledge in both development and operations, resulting in quicker delivery, enhanced quality, and augmented teamwork for your team.

Cloud Native Development

Boost your business using the latest cloud technologies and tools to develop, deploy, and manage your applications with our effective cloud solutions.

Kubernetes Development

Harness the power of an open-source platform for your business success. Experience efficient deployment, automation, scaling, and management of your applications with our expertise.

UI Development

Create a positive user experience by designing and implementing visually appealing, intuitive, and easy-to-use interfaces through our UI development strategies.

Gen AI Development

Employ the potential of AI to automate your business or create AI-powered software products with the help of our AI experts.

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Visualise, optimise and transform your networks possibilities

Networked Device Orchestrator (NDO)

Zinkworks NDO has been purpose-built for 5G private networks. NDO is designed to remove bottlenecks by automating decision-making on the device level of the network. Zinkworks NDO facilitates end-to-end enterprise automation through machine learning, helping enterprises recognise commercial and operational efficiency in their network.

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Networked Device Simulator (NDS)

Zinkworks NDS provides a comprehensive 3D visual simulation that allows you to compare Private 5G vs Wi-Fi in an engaging and immersive manner. It does this by visualising device usage on the network in the customer’s own environment (Factory, Port, Warehouse, Office etc.). Once the facility and targeted use cases are modelled, users can switch between network types, showing the pros and cons of each visually.

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