Mobile World Congress 2024

Join our Zinkworks Team at MWC Barcelona 2024 to discuss the latest trends shaping the future of 5G, IOT, ORAN, and beyond.

Learn how you can:

  1. Use AI intelligent automation with Zinkworks rApp’s
  2. Harness Generative AI in telecommunications
  3. Have the latest technology innovations
  4. Create new opportunities through business collaboration

MWC Barcelona is the largest and most influential event for the connectivity industry. Whether you’re a global mobile operator, device manufacturer, technology provider, vendor, or interested in the future of network technology, you need to be here.

We look forward to speaking with you to understand more about your unique Telecommunication challenges for 2024. Our Zinkworks team are experts in OSS, BSS, and Orchestration of virtualized RAN and Core. Learn how we can help speed up your development and innovations.

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Advancing Network Efficiency with Intelligent Predictions

In the era of 5G, the need for intelligent prediction in cellular networks has never been more critical. Efficient and agile network operations are essential for meeting the demands of this advanced technology.

Zinkworks rApp’s provides a cutting-edge solution for prediction modelling, offering seamless integration of patented machine learning algorithms with intuitive APIs to deliver exceptional performance.


Zinkworks NPP provides precise multi-trajectory forecasts that enhance network intelligence by accurately predicting the movement and positioning patterns of connected devices. 


Zinkworks NTP offers adaptive tools for predicting network traffic. Integrating this prediction into the network control plane makes networks more proactive and resilient. 


Zinkworks QoS-P enhances the 5G network by predicting KPIs and providing QoS scores. That improves network performance by enabling proactive resource allocation and dynamic network slicing. 

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