Why NDS was created

What is Best for my Network?

At Zinkworks, we understand that the adoption of private 5G has been relatively slow due to several factors, including it being a new technology, people like to stick with what they know, the perceived costs etc. But one deciding factor that is mentioned over and over by enterprises in our conversations is understanding if they need 5G or will Wi-Fi meet their requirements. They want to know what is the "tipping point" at which their use cases outgrow Wi-Fi. This requires a level of understanding around the data throughput of their current and planned OT use cases that is not easily established.

About NDS

Visualize Network Device Usage

NDS (Networked Device Simulator) provides a comprehensive 3D visual simulation that allows you to compare Private 5G vs Wi-Fi in an engaging and immersive manner. It does this by visualising device usage on the network in the customer’s own environment (Factory, Port, Warehouse, Office etc.). Once the facility and targeted use cases are modelled, users can switch between network types, showing the pros and cons of each visually.

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Why Choose NDS?

Easily create virtual replication of customer‘s facility

Using our simple Drag & Drop tool, Sales Teams can build a virtual replica of their customer’s factilities, quickly and without any required training. Modelling their buildings to simulate the network will establish trust that the nuances of their facility are considered when planning the network deployment

Model current and future equipment

Design your layout and start dropping networked equipment, such as AMRs, CNC Machines, IIoT Sensors, etc, creating a realistic representation of the throughput demand that will be placed on the network. Bypass real-world issues such as specific robots not yet supporting 5G, our virtual equipment can be configured to use any network, enabling you to demo future use cases, emphasising how future-proof your networks are.

Simulate capabilities of the network

Once your facilities and use cases are created, easily model your network by dragging on access points to create dynamic and reactive heatmaps. Configure it to ensure full coverage but also full support of your deployed use cases. You can even create multiple networks to simulate multi-network deployments, or compare and contrast network options to find the best fit for your customer.

Immerse yourself fully

See More with NDS VR

Discover new possibilities with NDS VR, where users can dive deep into their network infrastructure and device consumption. Experience a level of immersion like never before, enabling you to envision the future and grasp the true impact of upgrades on your facilities in virtual reality.

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