The challenges associated with legacy OSS are not novel. However, failure to tackle them promptly may hinder your ability as a Communications service provider (CSP) to compete with cloud-native operators or capitalize on emerging opportunities like 5G network slicing. We understand that tackling OSS modernization is complex; it’s a journey, however, Zinkworks Cloud Native Platform will help you transform your OSS into a strategic asset that propels you ahead of the competition.

Why Modernise Legacy OSS

Modernising legacy OSS to Cloud Native reduces complexity, footprint and provides a single source of all network data . Cloud Native promotes standardization, enabling advanced network analytics, rapid application development, and AI/ML-driven network optimisations . It also paves the way for autonomous network operations through real-time data analytics.

60% Reduction in Delivery Lead Time

40 – 70% Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Reduction

Zinkworks OSS Transformation Approach