Private Networks

Private networks is where next generation connectivity lies.
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As 5G becomes a reality, 5G Private Networks will be a significant revenue driver for MNOs. Zinkworks partners with business to help them realise the full potential of this growth opportunity.

Private Network Visualization

What’s Needed

A way for the enterprise user to observe the performance and usage of their private network

What it does

A unified visualisation platform capable of displaying the critical metrics from your 5G Private Network, from latency to spectrum usage across multiple hardware vendors. This lightweight tool can be run on the cloud or on-prem and provide alerting capability to the user.


What’s Needed

A purpose-built single pane of glass for running a network operations centre, managing private networks on behalf of enterprises.

What it does

The ‘Single Pane of Glass’ view provides the capability to view all necessary information from one place. The visibility of all the Private Networks under your control with the ability to proactively monitor the network and provide the information necessary to determine, root-cause and fix issues when they occur. The platform will be capable of displaying the critical metrics from your 5G Private Network, from latency to spectrum usage across multiple hardware vendors, allowing the operator to drill down to the specific area of interest.



5G Private Network Consulting

We talk about your business, understanding your requirements, thoroughly explain the benefits of 5G PN and craft a solution to meet your specific needs.

What’s Needed

Product/System management from a team with a strong understanding of 5G and its benefits to a customer, and able to identify unique customer needs and requirements from a 5G Private Network.

What we do

We provide access to a top-class group of associate consultants with extensive Telecom expertise and every required skill to provide the necessary report.

Deployment of 5G PN

Currently, it requires significant effort to deploy a 5G Private Network for enterprise clients. We can offer support in both deploying the networks and optimizing the performance effort required.

What’s Needed

The deployment of 5G Private Networks, and expertise in the automation of 5G Private Network deployment, reducing lead time and lowering business costs.

What we do

Engage our expert deployment automation team, reviewing the requirements and generating a proposal on how to best optimise and accelerate the 5G Private Network Deployment.

Usecase and Solution Development

5G will enable the development of new usecases and solutions to bring added value to the 5G Private Network proposition.

What’s Needed

The identification of usecases enabled by 5G, and the development of new applications to support them.

What We’ve Done

We have reached out to our network of associate consultants and commissioned a report on current 5G usecases within the industry. This will provide input to the consultation process and enable discussion around prospective application development opportunities.