About NDO

Networked Device Orchestrator

Zinkworks’ Networked Device Orchestrator (NDO) is purpose-built for Industry 4.0. It is designed to enable the orchestration of connected equipment, predicting and avoiding demand spikes before they impact the network, and empowering enterprise users to align their internal business rules to the available network capacity.

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How NDO works

Intelligent Automation

  1. Using assigned prioritization and defined actions, enable users to identify business-critical equipment
  2. Through its machine learning models, NDO predicts the future position of the connected equipment and its future capacity needs.
  3. By understanding this NDO can automatically execute actions to alleviate the network usage issues before they occur.

Creating new opportunities

Enabled Use Cases

Autonomous Vehicle Redirection

NDO predicts that the throughput on the cell breaches a SLA, therefore it communicates with the AGV fleet orchestration software and requests that they stop or reroute.

Remote Controlled Vehicle Prioritisation

NDO predicts a high latency is imminent and may trigger an RTG Crane system shutdown, therefore it communicates with nearby CCTV cameras to reduce their resolution for a period to release network capacity.

Equipment Geofencing

NDO enables a user to create a geofence around the container yard, based on coordinates or cell access. If any equipment joins the cell or enters the geofences a notification can be raised or action taken.

Manual Operator Notification

An AR enabled worker on a team call walks towards a cell which may breach a network KPI threshold. NDO notifies them via pop-up message in their headset to exit the area.


5 Reasons to Choose NDO

Industry 4.0 offers the promise to end to end automation of industrial systems, but all too often provides a reality of siloed data, increased decision-making requirements, firefighting network bottlenecks and ever-increasing costs through increasing power needs.

Zinkworks is the only Networked OT Orchestration platform with the combination of integrations and orchestration necessary to facilitate automated execution of pre-defined actions for Network utilisation.

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Zinkworks NDO is a certified solution which had been chosen by Ericsson to be placed within their Ericsson partner marketplace.

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